Hello All. You may like some of the music you find through out the Tampa Twilight site. Well if you do and would like to down load some of the Midi files you can do so here. Also included is the Code for each if you wish to add the song to say a post of yours without haveing to download the file and load it to your own ftp. You can just include the HTML code I have here and it should play for you. If you have any questions or would like to see some other songs up here, or even know the names of the songs I am not sure of, please contanct me.

Toccata (Bach

The Show Must Go On(Queen)

Sweet Leaf (Black Sabbath)

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath(Black Sabbath)

Nocturne No. 19(Not sure?)

Mr. Crowley(Ozzy Osbourne)

Goodbye To Romance(Ozzy Osbourne)

God Father Theme(Not Sure?)

Fugecm (Bach)

Enter Sandman(Metallica, Hope they don't sue me)

Children of the Grave(Black Sabbath)

Changes(Black Sabbath)

Brand42 (Bach)

Black Sabbath(Black Sabbath)

Caprice no, 24(Not sure?)

To use as a HTML tag to play the song on your web page or post include the following:
BGSOUND Src="https://witchwolfe0.tripod.com/****" LOOP=infinte
Be sure to replace the stars with the file name and enclose the whole thing in brackets using the < > brackets. If I typed it exactly you would not be able to see it.

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